The Greenland shark is the oldest living vertebrae on Earth!

That's a lot of birthdays...

Scientists have discovered that Greenland sharks are now the longest living vertebrates on Planet Earth!

A special technique called carbon dating was used and the researchers learnt that one shark was about 400 year old!

Greenland sharks are pretty impressive creatures, they can grow up to a whopping 5 metres in length and can be found in the cold waters of the North Atlantic.

They tend to go about their days swimming quite slowly and not using too much energy which could be the secret to their super old age!

The shark’s age was worked out by taking  sample of it’s eye lens.

This special material was made when the shark was a pup and isn’t renewed during it’s adult life.

Carbon-dating isn’t 100% accurate but scientists reckon it was born between 1501 and 1744 which is ancient!



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