Happy Birthday Dennis!


dennis-aging1We must say Dennis certainly looks good for his age! Did you know that The Beano’s Dennis the Menace is 60 years old?

He’s been causing havoc and mayhem ever since he was first created way back in 1951!

We all love Dennis, but something you may not know is that Dennis was so popular when first created that he completely changed the face of British comics.

dennis-aging2As well as saving The Beano, Dennis led the way for both comics and characters too, followed by the likes of The Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx and Roger the Dodger.

His influence can even be seen still today with the likes of Horrid Henry!

Since you can listen to Dennis and Gnasher every Saturday at 1oam right here on Fun Kids, we thought we should pay a special tribute to the history of Dennis the Menace.



Beano’s editor George Moonie hears a song with the chorus “I’m Dennis the Menace from Venice” and orders a character to fit the name

Ian Chisholm scribbles a knobbly-kneed boy with dark spiky hair, which is adapted by Davey Law, and whose antics instantly prove popular with comic readers.

However, it took two months until Dennis got his famous red and black jersey – before that he wore a shirt and tie!


Dennis is such a hit that he begins appearing in his own spin-off stip in a newspaper


Dennis is joined for the very first time by his faithful sidekick, the extremely rare Abyssinian Wire-haired Tripe Hound, Gnasher!


Dennis and Gnasher replace Biffo the Bear to become The Beano cover star


The Dennis the Menace Fan Club is formed


The club reaches 1 million members!


Dennis and Gnasher become TV stars in their own cartoon series


Dennis gets a little sister, called Bea.


Dennis and Gnasher are given their very own radio show on Fun Kids!


Remember to listen to Dennis and Gnasher every Saturday at 1o am right here on Fun Kids!