Harry Styles expected to release debut solo single on April 7th after teaser advertisement shown on TV!

Did you see this during The Voice?!

It looks like Harry Styles is bringing out his first solo song… very soon!

If you were watching The Voice on Saturday (25 March) you might have spotted a mysterious clip during one of the ad breaks – if you weren’t in the loo!

In it, Harry walks through a dark room towards an open door filled with bright light!

We don’t know it’s Harry immediately but then the camera does a close-up of his face – and we’d recognise those eyes anywhere!

The date ‘April 7th’ is revealed and… erm… well, that’s it!

It’s just a very short 30 second advert where the only information we have is that something involving Harold is going down at the start of next month.

There’s been a load of rumours floating around recently saying Harry was about to follow his One Direction bandmates Louis and Niall and release his first song away from the group…

So putting our detective hats on, we reckon April 7th is when we’ll first be able to hear it!

There’s a lot of excitement about solo Harry Styles music with everyone wanting to know what it’ll sound like!

Will it be similar to his 1D stuff? Or will he go for a different route like Louis Tomlinson did with his dance tune Just Hold On?

We’ll have to wait until April 7th to find out…

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