Hear Katy Perry’s new single ‘Roar’ and see the Whatsapp Lyric Video!


We’ve been getting really excited about the new stuff from Katy Perry and this lyric video for her next single ‘Roar’ hasn’t let us down!

It’s all based around Whatsapp emojis and smileys. So whilst it may be pretty tricky to sing along to, it does looks amazing.

The people messaging Katy must have the fastest thumbs in history though because it takes us about 20 minutes to do one frowny face!

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Katy’s been talking loads about doing a different style with her new music which can sometimes mean they want to do a heavy metal album that no one will like. Luckily Katy changed her style from ‘Awesome’ to ‘Super-awesome’.

We love the new tune ‘Roar’ almost as much as we love the new video!

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