Heathrow named as host airport for the London 2012 Olympics


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CHE05394dSo we thought we’d let you know an interesting airport story that’s come about. Heathrow has been named as the Host Airport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

That means almost 80% of all Games passengers, including athletes, officials, sponsors, media and spectators will be passing through Heathrow – safe to say the people working at the airport are going to be busy!

In fact, the day after the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games is set to be the airport’s busiest day ever! 218,000 bags are expected to leave the airport and over 15% of that will be large sporting equipment like canoes, pole vaults and bikes!

To help them out, they’re looking for people to join their team of volunteers, who will get to meet and greet the athletes, VIPs and spectators – plus get some rewards for your hard work!

If you know someone who might be interested then sign up at www.teamheathrow.com

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