A history of the Weasley twins’ pranks!

Check out this timeline of trouble!

We all know that Harry, Ron and Hermione are the stars of the Harry Potter books and films.

But everyone has a special place in their hearts for a couple of mischievous pair of ginger twins called Fred and George right?

In fact, the pair are always up to SO many pranks that it can be pretty impossible to keep track!

Fortunately the excellent, excellent guys at Pottermore are on hand to help.

They’ve put together a timeline of all of the japes and tricks the pair played in their time together.

It looks a little bit like this…


Check it out here!

There is of course a brand new film set in the Wizarding World called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coming to cinemas very soon!

You can watch the trailer below…

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