Horrible Histories Quickfire Guide!

So now, for all you Horrible Histories fans, you can now get the Horrible Histories Magazine!

It’s most likely the funniest, vilest and goriest magazine you’ll come across this month! It’s got loads of foul facts, vile jokes, putrid puzzles and gory fun to satisfy your thirst for all things gruesome!

It comes out every month and costs Β£2.99. In the first issue – out on 18th October – you can get a free Disgusting Peasant Pack – which includes a rotten rat, terrible teeth, measly maggots, nasty nose and wicked warts!

To find out more and sign up to the newsletter visit www.HHmag.co.uk

To celebrate, we decided to get our friends to help put together some quick-fire horrible guides to some of the most gruesome eras in history!

Terrible Tudors

[audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/65/audio/podcast-2012-10-19-74700.mp3|artists=Horrible Histories Magazine Out Now!]

Groovy Greeks

[audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/65/audio/podcast-2012-10-19-74880.mp3|artists=Horrible Histories Magazine Out Now!]

Rotton Romans

[audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/65/audio/podcast-2012-10-19-75023.mp3|artists=Horrible Histories Magazine Out Now!]

Awful Egyptians

[audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/65/audio/podcast-2012-10-19-75125.mp3|artists=Horrible Histories Magazine Out Now!]