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Back Track!

“We were filming on Blue Peter and I walked out on set when no one was meant to. I was the only who did! It was being filmed live so I had to walk back off again – it was really awkward!”

Tristan, The Vamps

Mrs Tumble!

“In class, as I was getting up to write something on the board, I tripped over my partners chair and fell on the floor! Everyone was looking at me and laughing at me!”


 Mum ‘Mare!

“I was walking to school with my mates when I heard a car beep behind us. It was my mum dropping off my trainers that I’d forgotten and wishing me a lovely day. I found that embarrassing enough, but then she wanted a kiss to say thank you! Not cool!”



Split Shame!

“Back when I was an X Factor contestant, my hotpants split during a song because they were so tight! Luckily it was a rehearsal and not on TV!”

Jade, Little Mix


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