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Brad’s Blush

β€œI ran into James on stage! It made by nose pop and start bleeding. It was at Hyde Park, which is probably the biggest gig we’ve done. It was our last song so just stood there bleeding for two and a half minutes!”

Brad, The Vamps


Stage Fright

β€œI was in a play at school and when I got on stage I totally forgot my lines, so I just stood there looking like I didn’t know what I was doing. Yikes!”




β€œI was at the park, skating around on my heelys and it was really busy. I lost my balance and fell over and landed in the mud! Everyone saw and started laughing. Cringe!”

Milly, 10


Windy Whoops!

β€œI got out of bed one morning and went to buy milk and I had this weird poncho on. So when a gust of wind blew, I was literally hula hooping it around my neck! People around me were laughing – it was awful!”


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