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Sound Fail!

“Taylor Swift and I were on stage singing Everything Has Changed when the music cut out and we ended up going completely out of sync with each other. It was embarrassing but the crowd were great. It didn’t take too long to fix!”

Ed Sheeran


Trip Trauma!

“As I was heading out of the gift shop of a stately home, I walked straight into the automatic glass doors! To make things worse, when I got outside, I tripped on a rock and fell on my bum. So many fails!”



Plant Pot Palava!

“We had just wrapped up filming and I was in the car with my mum, Georgia and George. As I was getting out, I started walking backwards towards the hotel door, waving goodbye, I suddenly fell back into a plant. We were still laughing about it the next day!

Olivia Holt, The Evermoor Chronicles


Trolley Tumble!

“Me and my family were out shopping and I was pushing a really heavy trolley around. They were taking far too long deciding what ice cream to buy, so I moaned and started walking to the tills. But I lost control of the trolley and swerved into some shelves! Loads of things fell off and everyone stared at me as I tried to put everything back!”

Megan, 13

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