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Star Shame!

“When I met Beyoncé, she said ‘My daughter and I jam to your songs.’ I think I yelled ‘I love your baby!’ Then I said ‘What a beautiful baby you have!’ And then I felt worse about it. I get really awkward when I’m nervous!”

Meghan Trainor


Trip Trauma!

“I tripped on my way to school one morning and fell over by the side of the road. I was soaking and muddy, but the worst part was when a car drove by – it was full of girls from school and they were laughing their heads off!”

Adina, 10


Wheely Bad!

“I went on a shopping trip for my birthday and decided to try on some roller skates. The next thing I knew, I was slipping and sliding around the shop and I crashed into loads of people, ha ha!”

Eliza Butler-Jenkins


Burp Blush!

“I have a tendency to accidentally burp a lot. It happens all the time. It’s so unladylike! It happens on camera too. I’m worried Nickelodeon will use it in the funny out-takes!”

Isabel Moner, 100 Things To Do Before High School

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