How good is your Geography?

CHE01053Did you know that on average British kids – like you! – have been abroad five times by the age of ten. But only a tenth can locate the UK on a map of the world!

Heathrow recently carried out a study of 1,000 children between the age of six and ten and found that a whopping 78% of them had been abroad, but find it hard to locate even the most popular desintations like Paris and New York.

CGL00285dTo help you learn a bit more about the places you’re visiting, this Easter Heathrow is installing giant globes in all of its terminals, including one that measures a giant 3m by 3m in Terminal 5!

You will be able to explore each one to help you learn more about the world, plus special maps will be handed out to young travellers to take away. The perfect way for you to plan your next travelling adventure!


Families at Heathrow

This weekend is set to be the busiest yet this year for Heathrow with over 870,000 passengers set to fly through between now and Sunday.

To help families out, Heathrow will be opening special family lanes with extra staff to help you get through security as quickly as possible.

Then before you fly, you can enjoy play areas in all the terminals where often popular children’s characters make as appearance and activity books are on hand.

And after building up an appetite in the play areas, enjoy the ‘Kids Eat Free’ deals at many of the restaurants there too!