Interview with creator of A World of Food


We’ve come across an interesting new book called A World of Food. Created by photographer Carl Warner, it shows a world made entirely out of food!

A-World-of-Food_PDF_Full-CoverThroughout the book see food landscapes that have pumpkin cottages, ice cream castles, broccoli forests and pasta palm trees.

Plus there’s a fun short poem to go with each photo too.

It’s an interesting way to learn about all the different food out there, especially for all you fussy eaters out there!

To find out how you not only go about making this kind of book but even come up with the idea, we recently caught up with Carl.

How do you go about creating a world of food?

It begins with the idea. I imagine the scene in my head and then I draw the scene as a sketch. From here I decide what ingredients will be used to make the scene and I work with my food stylist and my model maker to build the scene on a large table top in my studio.

This can take several days depending on the complexity of the scene and it is sometimes shot in layers in order to work quickly with the fresh produce.

How much does one of these landscapes tend to cost?

Around a few hundred pounds, but this can vary depending on the size of the scene and how expensive or exotic the ingredients are.

For example a scene using lobsters is going to cost a lot more than one made of cabbage!

What happens to a majority of the food leftover from the shoots?

Most of it is shared out with my team. If there’s a lot left then we give it to a local shelter for the homeless.

A World of Food is created by Carl Warner and is out now – click here to find out more

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