Invisible Instruments Now Exist!

Bruno-Mars-400x310We’ve just come across a fantastic video of a student covering Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way You Are’ all by himself – and played entirely with an iPhone and Wiimote!

Tim Soo has adapted the iPhone and Wii controllers to create a series of ‘Invisible Instruments’ ranging right from the piano to the violin.

And as he shows in the video below, this is by no means a mere gimmick.

Using his ‘Invisible Instruments’, Soo does a brilliant cover of this Bruno Mars song – and shows just how much potential new technology such as the iPhone and Wii can offer.

It kind of makes us feel guilty spending our days playing Angry Birds or Mario Kart!

So all you budding musicians out there, what do you make of it? Would you drop your wooden violin for these new instruments?

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