iPhone 8 released: What cool things can the new iPhone do?

Check it out below!

The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus went on sale last weekend.

Crowds of excited customers gathered at stores across the world waiting for it to go on sale.

It hasn’t sold as many units as previous iPhone models but many believe that’s because people are waiting for the iPhone X, which comes out on October 27th.

Nonetheless, the iPhone 8 is really cool! Here’s a load of awesome features it boasts…

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One awesome feature is augmented reality gaming. Using the camera on the iPhone, you can get up close and personal to virtual creatures!

It’s so futuristic that even the sound will change.

If one of those robots vanishes behind a wall, the stereo speakers on the new iPhone will muffle a little, just like in real life!

Wireless charging is also new to the iPhone 8. Now you can place your phone down on a little pad for it to charge.

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These are all pretty cool but there’s one thing the iPhone 8 doesn’t have that the iPhone X does…

That’s facial recognition, meaning animoji – the adorable animated emoji characters – are just for those users.

On the iPhone X, FaceID will take the place of TouchID meaning that you’ll be able to unlock your phone by just looking at it!

That means TouchID will be removed, so there’s no need to scan your thumbprint to unlock your phone.

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