Is Money every kid’s dream?

money-ukIt seems that money is the main aim for many kids today, according to a brand new poll that came out this week.

Toxic and Go Girl magazines polled 1,800 children in the UK aged 7 to 12 to find out their hopes and dreams for the future.

They discovered that one in three boys view being rich as their main aim when growing up. Girls on the other hand seemed to prefer fame – 21 percent said their top goal was to be famous when they grow up.

simon-cowell-diss-500x700Quite impressively though it was shown that, given the choice, kids would prefer to work for their money.

15 percent saying they aim to earn their way to the top and be successful in the workplace.

And for all these ambitious children, famous business people such as Lord Alan Sugar and Simon Cowell were among the celebrities voted as the kids’ top role models.

Cheryl-Cole-00236However, despite their success in business, they still can’t quite match up to Cheryl Cole for the girls!

She easily won top role model with over half the vote and 40% clear of second placed Emma Watson and third placedĀ .

Click here to see the full list of top role models for kids!

So do you agree with these results? Would you prefer money over being artistic? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Here’s the full list for boys and girls:

Top boys’ goals:

1. Rich (27 per cent )
2. Sporty (13 per cent)
3. Successful in business (12 per cent)
4. Funny (11 per cent)
5. Famous (9 per cent)
6. Intelligent (9 per cent)
7. Happily married (8 per cent)
8. Artistic (5 per cent)
9. Popular (4 per cent)
10. Handsome (1 per cent)

Top girls’ goals:

1. Famous (21 per cent)
2. Happily married (17 per cent)
3. Successful in business (15 per cent)
4. Rich (10 per cent)
5. Artistic (9 per cent)
6. Intelligent (8 per cent)
7. Pretty (8 per cent)
8. Popular (5 per cent)
9. Sporty (5 per cent)
10. Funny (3 per cent)

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