Jacqueline Wilson wins BAFTA Special Award for work to children’s television!

Find out what she said below!

Jacqueline Wilson has yet another award to add to her huge list!

She has just been given a special BAFTA award which celebrates Jacqueline Wilson’s work on the telly.

BAFTA has chosen to recognise Dame Jacqueline’s work with one of its highest awards, the Special Award. 

After writing for almost 45 years, Jacqueline Wilson has created some of our favourite characters, loads of which have gone on to win awards including The Story of Tracy Beaker; The Dumping Ground; Hetty Feather; Girls in Love; Double Act; Dustbin Baby and The Illustrated Mum!

Jacqueline told the people that run the event:

“I’m so pleased and proud to be given this very special award. I’m very much looking forward to the event and being able to celebrate with all the talented people who have made this possible.”

Asked if she would continue to write stories, Jacqueline said that she couldn’t bear not to write and that more stories might be in the pipeline.

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