Jessie J working on Top Secret project that’s not a film or the Olympics!

Jessie J 3

007. Ben 10. Johnny English. Agent P. Jessie J. All names that make you think of exciting spies and double agents. Well, maybe not so much Jessie J…until now.

Jessie J SelfieShe’s announced that she’s working on a ‘Top Secret’ project. How exciting. Is she overthrowing an evil baddy and stopping the end of the world?

Well all Jessie’s said so far is that it’s the 2nd biggest thing she’s done after the Olympics. Saving the world would probably be better than the Olympics. Oh, and she’s making the ‘Top Secret’ project in a recording studio, so it’ll probably be a song.

What do you think Jessie J’s ‘Top Secret’ project is? Let us know in the comment box below.

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