JK Rowling reveals new Harry Potter website called Pottermore

Pottermore- Coming Soon_1308231512031It’s the ultimate for any Harry Potter fan – the author herself, JK Rowling, has set up a new website called Pottermore.

Don’t expect too much right now though. There’s only one page and it says ‘Pottermore: Coming Soon’. And nothing else yet has been revealed.

Safe to say, this mystery has caused chaos as fans everywhere try to guess what we can expect! The biggest hope of course is that JK Rowling is planning to write a brand new Harry Potter book!

The name is said to have been the last patent recorded by Rowling, who registered the word internationally in July 2009.

The final movie in the Harry Potter series comes out at cinemas in the UK on 15th July. Click here to view the latest clip from the film

So what do you think we can expect to find at the new site? And would you want another Harry Potter book or not?

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