Join Rockwatch!

So every day during Jamie’s Holiday Show, at 10am you can listen to Geology Rocks!

Join Finley as he travels around the world and back in time to explore everything from fossils to volcanoes and even how rocks helped formed our planet.

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And if that’s got you interested in the world of geology, we thought we’d let you know about Rockwatch, a nationwide club for young geologists!

If you’re 16 or under and interested in all things geological, then this is the club for you!

Membership is £10 a year and members will get a special file containing fact cards, a magnifier, a Rockwatch badge, a grain size card, full colour of geological map of the British Isles and a ‘Thumbs-Up’ guide showing you how to make the most of your collection!

The club also runs regular field trips across the country, where you can meet geoloical experts and collect fossils and minerals of your own!

And if that’s not enough, three times a year you’ll also receive a full colour magazine full of geological articles, activities, puzzles and more fact cards!

To find out more and join visit