July 4th is Independence Day in America, but what does that mean?

There are loads of fireworks, food, and flags!

It’s Independence Day in America, the day when the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted!

The Continental Congress – a group of really important people – declared that thirteen American colonies were a brand new country called the United States of America.

That means they were longer part of the British Empire.

In America, they celebrate Independence Day with loads of cool fireworks and parades! They also have yummy barbecues, big carnivals, fairs, and picnics!

Some cities hold concerts to celebrate and since baseball is such a huge game in America, you can find loads of baseball games on!

It’s a little bit like Thanksgiving, in that families come together to celebrate.

People like the President might also make speeches and hold ceremonies celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the USA!

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Are you from America? What will you be doing to celebrate Independence Day?

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