Justin Bieber’s Hair needs Bodyguards!


We all know that Justin Bieber has now a worldwide superstar with a massive fanbase, but this new story we’ve just come across underlines just how big he now is.

Recently Justin Bieber cut his hair off so it can be sold to help raise money for charity.

And according to reports, the hair he cut off is being kept inside a glass case – guarded by two body guards!

The hair has already been sold – for more than $40,000! – and is currently on display in USA so fans can see the hair before it goes to its new owner.

Apparently, fans have been lining up for hours to take full advantage of this opportunity. And there’s even talk that the hair will be taken on a short tour so more fans can see it!

So would you pay for Justin’s hair or queue to see it? Let us know what you think below.

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