Lady Gaga Meat Dress Created for Dolls!

Fashion designer creates Lady Gaga inspired dresses for dolls

Fancy a toy as unique and special as Lady Gaga herself? Well, we reckon a brand new toy range being released this week will help you do that!

Fashion designer creates Lady Gaga meat dress for dollsBasically it’s a range of clothes that you can put on your dolls, with all the clothes being Lady Gaga-inspired. There’s even the infamous meat dress!

The collection was created by a 23-year-old fashion designer called Anna Chong, and also includes Lady Gaga‘s bubble dress and her Lobster hat!

The meat dress took two weeks to create as Anna tested numerous outfits made from salami, honey roasted ham and raw beef strips before settling on a number made using the finest quality Parma ham!

Fashion designer creates Lady Gaga inspired bubble dress for dol

The range is forΒ Harumika, a fashion activity range that allows children to get creative and design their own outfits.

To be honest though, we’re not sure whether we wouldn’t just end up eating the dress when we’re hungry! Then we’d have to go buy another one!

What do you make of this? Do you fancy dressing up your dolls in Parma ham?

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