LEGO Dimensions game set to include The Simpsons, Doctor Who and Portal 2!

As if we weren’t already excited enough!


The Simpsons, Doctor Who and Portal 2 have joined LEGO’s new mega-game LEGO Dimensions!

Dimensions is a similar sort-of-thing to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, games where you can play as loads of characters in a huge online world – but the difference is in Dimensions it’s all in bricks!

Expect to see levels from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, LEGO Movie, LEGO Ninjago… (this is exhausting)… Scooby Doo, Jurassic World, Back to the Future and loads more – oh, and now Doctor Who, The Simpsons and Portal 2 too!

Click here to see the opening of The Simpson’s Springfield in the US!

You can combine characters, vehicles, objects and locations across the different levels, so expect to see whacky goings-on like Peter Capaldi’s Doctor behind the wheel of a DeLorean time machine – with Gollum in the passenger seat!

The game’s out on September 27 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U but we bet there’ll be a few more big announcements before then!

More?!? Alright then…

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