LEGO get a job application from six-year-old Stanley Bolland and let him gain some work experience!

He said he was "the man for the job"

The people that run LEGOLAND Windsor recently advertised a job for would-be model designers.

The person that got the position would help design and build animated figures for the Windsor theme park.

Six year old Stanley Bolland saw the ad and thought he would be perfect for the role!

In a handwritten letter Stanley said:

“I am 6 years old and I love LEGO. I have a box of it. I hide my LEGO so my brother can’t get it”

The company did not give him the job but did arrange a day’s work experience with the theme park’s model makers.

Stanley spent the day shadowing designers, seeing how the model makers carry out checks and repairs throughout the theme park.

He also got an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour and learned some really important things, like cleaning!

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Staff member Paula Laughton said: “Stanley showed great promise, so we hope this will inspire him.”

In its reply, the company said

Loving LEGO is the first step to being a model maker, so it certainly sounds like you’ll be perfect for the job (once you’ve finished school of course).

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