My Life: My Big Prom featuring 15 year-old organiser Lewis Hines airs on CBBC as part of Anti-Bullying Week!

You can hear Lewis chatting to Dan on Fun Kids this afternoon at 3:30pm!

This afternoon on Fun Kids, Dan’s chatting to 15 year-old Lewis Hines.

Lewis has the condition epilepsy. He wanted to organise a huge prom for 150 teenagers who have spent lots of time in hospital and may have missed out on making friends at school.

A documentary called My Life: My Big Prom is going to be shown on CBBC this afternoon, following Lewis’ journey as he tries to raise the funding and organise the prom whilst battling his own illness.

Lewis’ determination stems from the fact that he knows himself what it is like to spend much of your childhood in hospital. He has had 13 surgeries on his brain, the first of which took place as a toddler.

Now he wants to give other young people like him a night to remember.

He’s booked the biggest and best venue in town but has some big challenges ahead – he really wants a pop band to perform on the night but doesn’t know how to book one and, to pull off a prom on this scale, he needs to raise £15,000.

He enlists the help of BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw who offers to find a cool band for the prom.

His older sister, Chloe does her bit to help by creating a fundraising video that she puts online. Overnight the video goes viral and is viewed by over 31 million people and messages of support and donations come flooding it.

But even with all this support, will Lewis be able to reach his huge fundraising target and pull together the night of a lifetime?

You can hear Dan chatting to Lewis to find out more about his story this afternoon at 3:30pm on Fun Kids.

My Life: My Big Prom is on CBBC today at 4:30pm as part of Anti-Bullying Week.

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