The Lion King to get a live-action remake in 2019, starring Beyoncé, Donald Glover, and more!

Check out the cast below!

Disney have announced a brand new live-action Lion King film, packed with some really famous people!

It’s probably going to look a little bit like The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast, both of which have also had live-action remakes. 

Beyoncé posted this simple photo on Facebook with the caption: “#TheLionKing 2019”

Beyoncé will voice the role of lioness Nala.

Donald Glover who plays Aaron in Spider-Man: Homecoming will also star in the movie. He’s playing Simba, the king of Pride Rock!

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Comedians John Oliver and Seth Rogen are also there.

Disney have said that they’re ‘fast tracking’ the film and are hoping to get it made as soon as possible.

It’s currently planned for release in July 2019.

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