Listen to past RSBP WildVerse winners and get inspiration for RSPB WildVerse 2017!

Listen below!

If you aren’t already clued up on what WildVerse is then listen up…

Every year we team up with the RSPB to give you guys the opportunity to have your brilliant poems read out on Fun Kids and published in a magazine!

You always send loads and loads and loads to us and judging is pretty tricky but, somehow, it’s done!

Entries for this year’s contest are open and you can read more about the process here

It’s super easy, you just have to think up of a cool, creative poem and enter it on the Fun Kids website!

Enter WildVerse 2017 now!

Winner of 2016’s 12+ category: The Salmon Jump by Niamh Kelly!

Winner of 2016’s 8 – 12 category: Primroses by Zoe Chapman!

Winner of 2016’s Under 8’s category: The Green Leaf by Eleanor Doyle!

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