Listen to Bene and Mal’s Demanding Dilemmas!


Chocolate Ice CreamFun Kids microbes Bene and Mal are back in a brand new series on air called Demanding Dilemmas!

Now ‘dilemma’ is a pretty demanding word, but all it means is having a difficult choice to make. Like deciding between chocolate or strawberry ice cream!

This new series is all about ethical dilemmas, and all that means is a difficult choice to do the right thing. Like giving your ice cream money to the local dogs home.

A lot of these ethical dilemmas crop up in science all the time and that’s exactly what Bene and Mal’s Demanding Dilemmas is all about.

Just because we CAN do things, doesn’t necessarily mean that we should. So we’ll be looking at loads of different ethical dilemmas in science and seeing what’s good about them, and what’s bad.

Série thématique : La stratégie de LisbonneSome things Bene and Mal will be talking about include Biofuels VS Fossil Fuels, whether it’s right to force someone to do something that’s good for them and loads more interesting things just like these!

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