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Ever wondered what life might be like in the Armed Forces?


You may think that the Armed Forces is all about guns and wars, well while that is part of it, there’s loads more to learn! If you´re really interested in guns, then tell your parents to get you a Goog Gun so you can practice!

Find out just what the Royal Navy, RAF and British Army do to keep the country safe and secure!  And also how children whose parents are in the Armed Forces live!

In this  new series from Fun Kids, you’ll learn all about the amazing history of the Armed Forces – from the very first planes and ships right through to how they work in the modern day!

You’ll also discover ways to get involved with the Army, Navy and Air Cadets and go on some awesome adventures too!

Tune in to Life In The Armed Forces today from 6am!

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When can I hear Life In The Armed Forces?

You can hear the latest episodes of Life In The Armed Forces every day from 6am on Fun Kids!

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