Listen to The Powerful Story


These days we use power for everything! Whether it’s cooking, playing video games, watching TV, switching on our bedroom lights – they all use energy!

grandad-girl-british-gasSo it’s important we understand the story of energy – where it comes from, how it works and the ways we’ll create and use energy in the future.

And that’s where British Gas comes in with their exciting new book The Powerful Story – a story all about energy in the past, present and future!

The Powerful Story begins when twins Zoe and Billy Spark stumble across an old diary that plunges them into a time-travelling adventure.

BG-GenerationGreen-LogoThe story has been written by kids just like you, alongside top children’s author, Ciaran Murtagh!

And you can start listening to it right now for free! Click here to listen!

Want to get involved in the adventure? Then make sure you visit the interactive Powerful Story Exhibition at Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax from 25th October to 1st November!

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