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Tune in to Zoom’s A to Z Scrapbook throughout the day on Fun Kids!


Hi, it’s Zoom here from Birmingham Airport!

When I’m not hanging out in the Sky Zone, I’m jetting off around the world – exploring some of the amazing places you can visit flying from Birmingham Airport!

Zoom2.ashx_I’ve seen so many countries and cities it’s hard to keep track of them all – so it’s lucky I’ve got my trusty scrapbook!

Scrapbooks are a cool way of keeping memories and mine is packed with all the photos, tickets and souvenirs I’ve collected on my travels!

Join me as we flick through the scrapbook and discover more about these different destinations!

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Zoom’s A to Z Scrapbook with Birmingham Airport
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When can I hear Zoom’s A to Z Scrapbook?

You can hear the latest episodes of Zoom’s A to Z Scrapbook throughout the day on Fun Kids!

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