Little Mix announce their surprise for ‘How Ya Doin?’!


A while back Little Mix announced that they’re planning a surprise on their next single ‘How Ya Doin?’

The problem with the single is that you can already get it on iTunes before it’s been released.

So to make the single more special the girls organised a guest rap from Missy Elliot.


Missy Elliot is a bit of a Hip Hop legend so we can’t wait to hear this guest rap when the single is officially released.

Jesy said “We honestly can’t believe that Missy is on our song! She’s been one of our biggest idols for ever – it’s incredible.”

We’ll be playing ‘How Ya Doin?’ on Fun Kids as soon as possible. Keep an ear out on DAB Digital Radio in London and online across the UK! Click here to listen!

The single will be out within the next few weeks. Also, click here to get the version without Missy Elliot on right now.

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