Little Mix tell us about their next album!

Sherlock BonesSo not everyone knows about the Fun Kids detective – Sherlock Bones (pictured right).

But we recently put him on the case of getting the latest news about Little Mix and he’s come back with some gossip gold.

He found out the girls are working on their second album which is awesome news as we’re not even bored of DNA yet.

Apparently the girls have been in on a few sessions to decide on what it should sound like.

Little Mix Live

LJesy Little Mixeigh-anne said “It was really good. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted to do, so we had to go in and listen to loads of different things. We’ve got quite an idea of what we want it to sound like now.”

And Jesy told us “We all have the same vision with how we want the next album to sound. That’s what was good about the first album – we got an insight into what our fans really like. It was really exciting when we got back in the studio as we got to listen to loads of beats and what kind of sound we are going to go for. I cant wait”.

It’s early days but it’s already sounding awesome. Top work Sherlock Bones!

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