London Fire Brigade use PLAYMOBIL toys to teach children about fire safety!

London Fire Brigade celebrates it's 150th anniversary!

London Fire Brigade teamed up with PLAYMOBIL to teach children all about fire safety!

The LFB used PLAYMOBIL toys and vintage fire engines to show how to stay safe!

The Soho Fire Station launch kicked off a series of 65 free open days across the capital throughout 2016, to teach children who to call when they are in danger

Children got to meet real life firefighters and life-sized PLAYMOBIL ones too!

There have been a range of specially created Fire Brigade sets for budding firefighters to play with at him and 10% of the proceeds will be going to charity.

They are available for purchase at the open days or online here!

Plus the Fire Brigade have appointed their first-ever Young Fire Safety Officer!

Archie is just 7 years old and he is the head of the specialist PLAYMOBIL firefighter crew!

Find out more about PLAYMOBIL here!

Check out the video below…

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