Meet Ariana Grande’s dogs!

We've been meeting Team Ariana - a.k.a her three dogs Coco, Toulouse and Ophelia!


Check out the cute pictures we’ve found and some facts you might not know about the pups!


Coco is the first dog Ariana adopted and she says he’s a “dachshund-German shepherd mix”. He’s the oldest of the trio so keeps the other two out of trouble.

Coco has a starring role in the music video for Ariana’s tune  ‘Put Your Hearts Up’ and once even managed to send an email from Ariana’s computer – clever pup!


After Coco, the next pup Ariana adopted was cute little Toulouse. He’s named after the beige kitten in top Disney film The Aristocats!

Toulouse celebrated his 1st birthday last month – Happy Birthday Toulouse!


In September last year, Ariana adopted her third puppy – Ophelia! Ariana wanted to give her a name that would make her sound old and funny so went for Ophelia – how strange!

Like big brother Coco, Ophelia’s also featured in a music video, popping up in the one for Ariana’s single ‘Right There’.

Download Ariana’s lastest single Problem by clicking here. 

Which of Ariana’s dogs is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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