Meet the Gnome that’s travelled the world


OK time for a very odd but brilliant story!

gnome-globetrotting-2A globe-trotting gnome called ‘Kern’ has arrived at the South Pole on the latest leg of his round the world mass-participatory scientific experiment to prove gravity’s effect on weight!

Did you know that you weigh more at the South Pole than the equator?

That’s the scientific theory proven by a globe-trotting gnome called Kern who has just made it to the pole in the latest leg of a worldwide gravity experiment.

In a scientific twist to the well-known Travelling Gnome Prank, the Gnome Experiment’s aim is to bring together scientists, schools and the general public in a global investigation into gravity.

gnome-weight-3Participants receive a flight case containing the one and only gnome, with a set of Kern & Sohn precision scales, adjusted according to local gravity at a Kern calibration laboratory in Balingen, Germany.

Once the gnome has been weighed and photographic evidence taken, Kern the gnome is shipped to his next destination.

So far, the jet-setting gnome has travelled with his scales to places as far-flung as Lima, Mumbai, Mexico, South Africa, San Francisco, New Caledonia, Sydney and the South Pole. His next stop is Snolab in Canada, the world’s deepest laboratory, 2km below the surface of the Earth.

That is one busy gnome!

You can track Kern the gnome’s progress, volunteer to weigh him and read his blog at