Meet the world famous cat burglar Atticus Claw!

Lends a paw

When a world famous cat burglar turns good, it’s bound to ruffle a few feathers.

Atticus Claw is a series of books about a cat who turned away from a life of crime to join forces with the police.

But can he get his old criminal accomplices – Ginger Biscuit and Jimmy Magpie –  before they get him?

To see if they get Atticus and his new police partner – Insector Cheddar – before he can crack the case, you’ll have to read the latest book in the series – Atticus Claw Lends a Paw!

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And see what the police know about the characters in the book below…

Atticus Claw

Jimmy Magpie

Ginger Biscuit

Inspector Cheddar

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