Meet the Yogi Gang!

These past few weeks we’ve been getting really excited because our favourite picnic basket-stealing bear is making his big-screen debut in the 3D animated film Yogi Bear.

We’ve already told you all about this new film – click here to read about it – and now we’re introducing you to the Yogi gang!

Read the character profiles below. Which one do you think you’re most like? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Yogi Bear


Yogi is the picnic basket stealing master mind that lives in Jellystone Park. He is always trying to come up with crazy new ways to steal people’s picnic baskets. A lot of the time his plans go horribly wrong but he never gives up trying.

Yogi can be often heard saying his famous catchphrase “smarter than the average bear” especially when he’s trying to convince his best friend Boo Boo that his plan will work.

Yogi is voiced by A-list funny man Dan Aykroyd

Boo Boo


Boo Boo is Yogi Bear’s loyal best friend and trusty sidekick. He helps Yogi with his crazy schemes even though he doesn’t always think they are a good idea but that’s what best friends are for!

Boo Boo is voiced by Grammy Awards winner Justin Timberlake

Ranger Smith


Ranger Smith is the Park Ranger in charge of Jellystone Park.  Trying to stop Yogi from stealing people’s picnic baskets is a full time job and usually they are constantly battling with each other but now  they find themselves on the same side as they try to save their beloved Jellystone Park from Mayor Brown.

Ranger Smith is played by Tom Cavanagh


Yogi Bear is out in cinemas now!