Men in Black III – Watch the Trailer!


2011 hasn’t even finished yet but we can’t help getting excited about the films coming out in 2012, and one of those we’re looking forward to most is sci-fi comedy Men in Black III!

It’s almost 10 years since Men in Black II came out, so for everyone here’s a quick reminder of what the films are about

You know how we wonder if aliens exist? Well, in Men in Black not only do they exist, there are loads of them living all over planet Earth, living out normal(-ish!) lives pretending to be human.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star as agents for a top secret organisation that look after these aliens, and make sure no bad ones threaten the planent – which often seems to happen!

We don’t know too much about Men in Black III apart from the fact that it comes out in May 2012, is 3D and will see Will Smith time travelling. But from what we can see in this trailer, it’s going to be awesome!

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