‚ÄėMillennium Falcon‚Äô breaks world record for largest LEGO set!

It has 7,541 pieces!

If you think you’re a top LEGO builder then listen up!

LEGO have just announced they’re remaking the Star Wars Millennium Falcon kit. It’s not only bigger than ever before but it’s also bigger than any other LEGO set, ever!

The LEGO Falcon ‘ultimate collector‚Äôs edition’ originally had 5,195 pieces. The new one has 7,541.

The previous record holder was the LEGO version of the Taj Mahal which had almost 6,000.

Whilst the LEGO Death Star kit fits in their normal carrier bags, the Millennium Falcon is far too big!

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They’ve had to create a brand new type of bag with wheels to help shoppers who want to pick it up.

If you want it, the record-breaking collection will set you back around £650, so you better ask a grown-up really nicely!

The kit comes out on October 1st 2017 but you can pre-order it now.

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