Monsters University: We saw the film yesterday and here’s the best bits!


Monsters 05We got to see Monsters University for the first time the other day and we’ve got all the best bits to keep an eye out for!

Monsters University is the ‘prequel’ to Monsters Inc – that means the movie is set back-in-time from Monsters Inc.

It starts out with Mike in primary school first discovering he wants to be a Scarer. We then whizz forward to Mike’s first day at Monsters University.

He meets Sully for the first time in their Scaring class but they don’t get on and end up getting kicked off the course.


The only way for the guys to get back onto the course is to win the annual ‘Scare Games’ competition. So they set about fixing up their team from a laughing stock to the scariest guys on campus.

Monsters 04

Things don’t go that well though and there’s a super sad bit where Mike finds out he’s not that scary after all. His whole life’s dream was to be a scarer and he’s gutted when he finally tries to scare a kid and it doesn’t work.

But when him and Sully team up they make the best scaring team ever.

Some hilarious highlights include Mike and Sully chasing a pig through the campus and one of the funniest Pixar characters ever – Squishy.

Monsters University is definitely a must-see and it’s out in cinemas on 12th July. Check out the trailer below!

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