NASA asked Justin Bieber if he would like to go to space!

Justin Bieber AMA 2012 Img 2

Justin Bieber could be one of the first singers to ever perform in space!

After Justin tweeted ‘I wanna do a concert in space’, NASA tweeted back saying ‘Maybe we can help you with that’.

How awesome would that be? A Justin Bieber concert in space. Most people probably wouldn’t be able to go and watch though.

Earth 1

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We love Justin at Fun Kids but he’s not the first person we would want to share a space shuttle with. We’d prefer an astronaut, rocket scientist or a koala bear as a co-pilot!

But we do love his music and we’re playing it loads on Fun Kids at the moment. Tune in on DAB Digital Radio in London and online across the UK! Click here to listen!

And now, let’s get a feel for what a Justin Bieber concert in space would feel like. This is a video from space with Justin’s song ‘U Smile’ slowed down to sound really different!

It sounds really atmospheric and very space-y. Check it out!

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