New How To Train Your Dragon Book Coming Out!

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Hiccup is back in a brand new adventure as part of the best-selling How To Train Your Dragon series.

Dragon Sword hi-resIt’s taken the author Cressida Cowell two years to create How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword, but definitely seems worth the wait for the many Dragon fans out there!

In the ninth book, bad times have come to the Archipelago. Dragons are starting to revolt against their Masters, Old Wrinkly is missing, and the waters have risen, flooding fields and washing whole villages away.

But worse still, the wicked witch Excellinor has returned!

This is bad news for Hiccup because she is determined to get his sword. Safe to say, Hiccup is going to be busy keeping hold of it, finding Old Wrinkly AND stopping the witch revealing that he has the Slavemark!

If you want to find out what happens then How To Steal A Dragon’s Sword comes out on 6th October.

What’s more, How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword comes with four amazing Collector Cards. There are lots of different species of dragons that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and levels of fierceness- and there are some that are rarer than others.

Build your own army of dragons by collecting four dragon cards at the back of every book in the How to Train Your Dragon series.

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