New Kit Kat factory opens to exclusively make weird new flavours…

Flavours include baked potato, soy sauce, hot sauce, and ice cream.

The company that make Kit Kats are opening a new factory to cope with demand for weird flavours.

Kit Kats are normally just milk chocolate covered wafers but loads of crazy flavours are proving popular in other parts of the world.

You might have seen a bunch of YouTubers try them in videos – flavours like hot sauce and tea!

Although they’re more expensive to buy and some versions can only be purchased abroad, the new factory will focus on making these weird flavours.

These snacks are really popular in Japan and Asia.

There are some really weird ones, like bean,ย Japanese Chestnut, and French rock salt.

And then there are some flavours that don’t sound too awful – like lemon and melon.

They’re not too dissimilar to flavours we have in the UK, like orange and mint…

If you could invent your own flavour of Kit Kat, what would it be?

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