New movie Frenemies on Disney Channel


If you’re a fan of Shake It Up or A.N.T. Farm, then you’ll want to watch the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Frenemies.

124061_D_0087On tonight at 6pm on Disney Channel UK, it stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya from Shake It Up alongside Stefanie Scott from A.N.T. Farm, following the lives of three very different sets of friends who go through some struggles.

In the film best friends Halle and Avalon are fashion bloggers who are offered the opportunity to turn their Geekly Chic blog into a magazine, but their friendship is put to the test when they learn that the magazine only wants one of them to stay on as senior editor.

124066_0054The story also follows Jake and his beloved dog Murray and sees the inseparable pair fall out of friendship when Jake’s new science project partner, Julianne, appears on the scene and captures Jake’s attention.

And in the last story, tomboy Savannah agrees to swap lives with her wealthy new friend and look-a-like, Emma, but they soon realise that life on the other side isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

As you can see, the film is packed with interesting stories and characters – definitely worth checking out!

Frenemies premieres on Friday 2nd March at 6pm on Disney Channel