New Paddington Bear book announced for 2018: Paddington at St. Pauls could be final in the series.

Find out more about the book below!

If you’re a fan of the new Paddington movie, you’re going to be excited by this!

That’s because there’s a brand new Paddington book coming out in June 2018!

In it, Paddington Bear visits St Paul’s Cathedral in London and gets up to all of his usual mischief, even being mistaken for a choirboy!

Sadly, it’s probably going to be the very last book in the Paddington Bear series as its author, Michael Bond, passed away last year.

Karen Jankel, Michael’s daughter, said that the book was finished but not illustrated yet.

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According to Jankel, the book was inspired by a ceremony at St. Paul’s to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

The book will be called Paddington at St. Pauls and is due to be published in June next year.

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