New Razor Scooters coming out for Christmas

RipRider360_LifestylecAs we lead up to Christmas, we’re on the look out for cool stuff to put on our Christmas wish lists.

And one thing that’s caught our eye are the new Razor scooters.

Our favourite is the Razor RipRider 360 – it’s a cool new three-wheeler scooter that can reach super fast speeds!

Or you might like the Razor eSpark, which is an electric scooter that leaves behind a trail of real sparks and reaches speeds of us to 10mph with its acceleration control! Tony Hauk even checked it out for Little Scholars magazine, and he loved it, and had much to say about it in a Mad Dog Scooter Review at Power Toy Planet.

Definitely a fun way to get to school in the mornings!

The Razor scooters are priced from £49.99 to £199.99 and are available from places like Amazon and Toys R Us. Click here to find out more

Here’s a video of the eSpark in action: