New Xbox – Xbox One – is announced! See info and pictures…

The brand new Xbox console has now officially been announced and it’s looking pretty amazing.

It’s called the Xbox One and will be out this year.

X Box 3

It’s got all the computer bits in that you’d want like 15 giga-hippos and 21 terra-dactuls. We don’t really know what that means but apparently the games will look very shiny!

Each console will come with a new Kinect box that means you can use your voice to control the Xbox. You’ll be able to turn it on, turn it off and switch betweens games just by talking.

X Box 1

The new controller’s also meant to be more comfortable and not have an annoying battery pack sticking out the back.

There will be 15 games when the console first comes out including the new Forza Motorsport.

Do you think you’ll be getting the Xbox One or will you wait to see what the Playstation 4’s going to be like? Let us know in the comment box below.

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