Now you can visit Angry Birds Land at Thorpe Park!

Angry-Birds-Land-at-Thorpe-ParkIt seems Angry Birds have a whole new mission after attacking pigs and floating around space – to take over the world!

And they’ve made a good start with their very own Angry Birds Land at Thorpe Park!

It opens Half Term (from 24th May) and is the first time in the world that families will be able to experience the birds and pigs in this way!

You’ll get to check out the world’s first Angry Birds 4D Experience then – if you’re brave enough! – dive 100ft at 50mph on Detonator: Bombs Away.

After that you can go beak to snout with Red and the gang on King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems, find 7 life-sized Angry Birds nesting around the new land and met Red Bird himself!

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